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Week 1 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 1/14/2009
Chapter 1 Journal Questions
Discovering the Universe, Chapter 1 Comins & Kaufmann
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Tuesday, 1/20/2009;
Monday is MLK holiday.
Chapter 2 Journal Questions
Discovering the Universe, Chapter 2 Comins & Kaufmann
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday 1/26/2009; Friday, 1/3, is the last day to drop with refund
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/2/2009.
Hipparcos Space Astrometry Responsible for measuring the distance, using parallax, to more than one million stars
Hipparchus, Greek Astronomer Greek considered by Ptolemy to be his most important predecessor
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/9/2009; Last day to drop w/o "W", Fri. 2/14; Campus closed for Presidents' Day holiday, 2/13 to 2/16;
Chapter 3 Journal Questions
Week 6 Assignments Beginning Tuesday, 2/17/2009
Week 7 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/23/2009; No class Tues, 2/24, staff development
Chapter 4 Journal Questions
Week 8 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/2/2009
Kepler search for earth-like planets NY Times Science Article
Smallest transiting extrasolar planet Science News Article
An Asteroid Close Call!
Week 9 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/9/2009
Chapter 5 Journal Questions
Cassini Saturn Mission JPL site
Week 10 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/16/2009
Sky & Telesope This week's sky at a glance
Voyager Intersteallar Mission
Week 11 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/23/2009; No class Wed, 3/25, staff development
Discovering the Universe Appendices
Sky & Telesope Look for Jupiter in the morning
Chapter 6 Journal Questions
Chapter 7 Journal Questions
Chapter 8 Journal Questions
Chapter 9 Journal Questions
Week 12 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/30/2009;
Week 13 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/6/2009
Terrestrial Comparison & Key Ideas From Chapter 7
Jovian Comparison & Key Ideas From Chapter 8
Dwarf Planets and SSSBs From Chapter 9
Spring Break Spring Recess -- No school. from Monday 4/13 to 4/18
Week 14 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/20/2009; Last day to drop with "W" grade, Sat., 4/25
Chapter 10 Journal Questions
Chapter 11 Journal Questions
Earlth-like Exoplanet Discovered
Week 15 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/27/2009
MIT's diagram of the Sun's layers
NASA's Sun Layers
Week 16 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/4/2009
Chapter 12 Journal Questions
Chapter 13 Journal Questions
Chapter 14 Journal Questions
Week 17 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/11/2009
Hubble Untra Deep Field
Chapter 15 Journal Questions
Chapter 16 Journal Questions
Chapter 17 Journal Questions
Chapter 18 Journal Questions
Chapter 19 Journal Questions
Week 18 Assignments & Finals Begin Beginning Monday, 5/18/2009; Finals begin on Friday, 5/22.
More on Neutron Stars from NASA
Test on Chapters 1 & 2
Test on Chapters 3 & 4
Test on Chapters 5 through 9
Test on Chapters 10 through 19
Final Exam Our final is on Wednesday, 5/27, from 10:00 to 12:00 in our classroom
Assessment Test The same assessment test was used at the beginning and end of the semester
Assessment Results This is an Excel '97 file with three work sheets.
Finals & End of Semester Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, 5/25. Beginning Tues, 5/26/2009; Our final is on Wednesday, 5/27, from 10:00 to 12:00 in our classroom. Finals ocntinue until Friday, 5/29, when the semester ends;