English 1, Section 80188, Tu&Th 9:30-10:45, Room 801

General Info Syllabus
English 1 SLO Student Learning Outcome
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The Students

Week 1 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 8/17/2011;
Ring Around the Collar Neil Postman's article on advertisements
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Monday 8/22/2011
Vanguard Ad From the August 24, 2009 New Yorker
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday,8/29/2011; Last day to add classes, Monday, 9/4.
MLA format example
MLA format of a TV ad
Conjunctions & Punctuation
Ad Paper Grading Rubric
Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 1
Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 2
Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 3
Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 4
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Tuesday, 9/6/2011
Erik Erikson's eight stages
Compact Eight Stages Hopefully easier to read
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Monday, 9/12/2011; Last day to drop w/o "W", Sunday, 9/18
Grading Notation
Sherman Alexie Site
Internet Movie Database for Smoke Signals Smoke Signals information
Coeur d'Alene Website
Week 6 Assignments Beginning Monday, 9/19/2011
Forgiving Our Fathers Dick Lourie
Week 7 Assignments Beginning Monday, 9/26/2011
Metaphoric Impact A radio segment from OnTheMedia.org
Week 8 Assignments Beginning Monday, 10/3/2011
Week 9 Assignments Beginning Monday, 10/10/2011
Week 10 Assignments Beginning Monday, 10/17/2011
MLA for Family Paper
Brief Analysis of Erik Erikson's Eight States of Development Chantelle Cole, a student last semester in my English 1 class, who wrote this paper for Human Development 38
African-American Timeline Link to PBS site
Finding the North Star Using the little and big dippers to find the north star
Frederick Douglass Timeline Douglass, Frederick. "Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass." New York: Barnes and Nobles Classics, 2005. VIII-XI.
Week 11 Assignments Beginning Monday, 10/24/2011; Last day to drop with "W", Sunday. 10/30
Week 12 Assignments Beginning Monday, 10/31/2011
Thrive From Dan Buettner's book
Final Exam Schedule
Final Paper Revision 4: Updated 12/12
Week 13 Assignments Beginning Monday, 11/7/2011; Veteran's Day Holiday on Friday, 11/11.
Week 14 Assignments Beginning Monday, 11/14/2011
Thanksgiving Break No Classes Monday, 11/21, through Sunday, 11/27.
Week 15 Assignments Beginning Monday, 11/28/2011
Changing Minds The first chapter from Martin Gardner's book
A Nano-Survey of Ethics
RSVP Ethics
Roger Scruton on Morality
Week 16 Assignments Beginning Monday, 12/5/2011
Week 17 Assignments & Finals Begin Beginning Monday, 12/12/2011; Finals begin on Wednesday, 12/14;
Week 18 Finals Continue, Semester Ends Semester ends on Tuesday, 12/20.