English 370, Section 4717, Room 703, TTh 8-9:20 a.m.

General Info Syllabus
Particles & Fields
Verb Tenses
Conjunctions & Punctuation

Week 1 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 1/18/2006
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Monday, 1/23/2006
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday, 1/30/2006
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/6/2006
Reference Verb Tenses
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/13/2006
Reference Conjunctions & Punctuation
Week 6 Assignments
CME Joan Ryan SF Chron Article
CME Scoring Guidelines Since the scores from two faculty readers are combined, a score of 4+4=8 is required to go on to English 1
Week 7 Assignments
Week 8 Assignments
Week 9 Assignments
Week 10 Assignments
Week 11 Assignments
Week 12 Assignments
Week 13 Spring Break!
Week 14 Assignments
Week 15 Assignments
Week 16 Assignments
Run-on exercise Number 1
Run-on exercise Number 2
Week 17 Assignments
Writing a response to an article Simple outline that can get you started
CME Response Pass with two readers
CME scores The nature of the CME scores
CME Response Pass with three readers