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General Info Syllabus
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The Students

Week 1 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 1/20/2010;
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Monday 1/25/2010
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Charters Chapter 1 This is from the fifth edition, a clean copy, because my fourth edition is littered with comments, so there may be some differences from the fourth, which we're using.
Charters Chapter 2 See comment above
Charters Chapter 3 See comment above
Death and the Maiden Franz Schubert (1797 to1828)
Death and the Maiden Poem by Matthias Claudius (1740 to 1815)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan video on YouTube
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan Lyrics
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday,2/1/2010; Last day to add classes, Sunday, 2/8.
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/8/2010; Campus closed from Friday through Monday, 2/12-15 (President's Holiday);
MLA Sample Paper
Story Paper Grading Rubric
Ira Glass on Storytelling
The School Donald Barthelme
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 2/17/2010; No class on Monday (President's Holiday) or Tuesday (FlexCal); Last day to drop w/o "W", Tuesday, 2/16
Student Paper On William Carlos Williams' "Use of Force," which you can find in Charters on pages 572 to 574,
Week 6 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/22/2010
"Dream Deferred" Video Langston Hughes, Danny Glover reading
"I, Too" Langston Hughes, Denzel Washington reading
"We Real Cool" Reading Gwendolyn Brooks
P. O. W. Video Alicia Keys
P. O. W. Poem Alicia Keys
"Sari" Video Nellie McKay
"Sari" Lyrics Nellie McKay
"Forgetfulness" Video Billy Collins
"Forgetfulness" Poem Billy Collins
"Sprout and the Bean" Video Joanna Newsom
"Sprout and the Bean" Lyrics Joanna Newsom
Week 7 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/1/2010
Grading Notation
Week 8 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/7/2010
Have One On Me Joanna Newsom
NY Times article on Joanna Newsom In addition to providing information about Joanna Newsom, this article, which appeared Sunday, 3/7, in the Magazine, may help you understand the "Have One On Me" lyrics.
Week 9 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/14/2010
Week 10 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/22/2010
Helen Vendler on Writing a Poetry Paper Work Cited: Vendler, Helen. "Chapter 10: Writing About Poems." Poems, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and Anthology. 2nd ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2002. 311-328.
Week 11 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/28/2010; Last day to drop with "W", Sunday. 4/4
Spring Break Campus closed from 4/3 to 4/9
Week 12 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/12/2010
Week 13 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/19/2010
Nihilism Some information on the philosophy of nihilism
Week 14 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/26/2010
Final Paper
Week 15 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/3/2010
Week 16 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/10/2010
Week 17 Assignments & Finals Begin Beginning Monday, 5/17/2010; Finals begin on Wednesday, 5/19; Your final is from 8 to 10 on Thursday, 5/20.
MLA sample paper
Week 18 Finals & Semester Ends Beginning Monday, 5/24/2010; Finals end on Wednesday, 5/26