English 305, Section 10035, Tu&Th 12:30-1:45, Room 736

General Info Syllabus
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The Students

Week 1 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 1/20/2010;
Real Skills Pages 110, 117 to 119
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Monday 1/25/2010
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Real Skills Chapter 10 Susan Anker
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday,2/1/2010; Last day to add classes, Sunday, 2/8.
The Limited Sherman Alexie
Champion of the World Maya Angelou
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/8/2010; Campus closed from Friday through Monday, 2/12-15 (President's Holiday);
Real Skills Chapter 11 Susan Anker
The School Donald Barthelme
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Wednesday, 2/17/2010; No class on Monday (President's Holiday) or Tuesday (FlexCal); Last day to drop w/o "W", Tuesday, 2/16
The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me Sherman Alexie
Week 6 Assignments Beginning Monday, 2/22/2010
Week 7 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/1/2010
Conjunctions & Punctuation
Grading Notation
Samuel Grace Paley
Week 8 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/7/2010
Week 9 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/14/2010
The Chase Annie Dillard
Week 10 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/22/2010
Grammar exercies
On 9/11, Innocence Was Lost Once Again Leonard Pitts
Week 11 Assignments Beginning Monday, 3/28/2010; Last day to drop with "W", Sunday. 4/4
The Secret Life of Walter Middy James Thurber
Spring Break Campus closed from 4/3 to 4/9
Week 12 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/12/2010
Response Journey
"Homeless" Anna Quindlen
Response to Anna Quindlen
Spring Break Campus closed from 4/3 to 4/9
Week 13 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/19/2010
Week 14 Assignments Beginning Monday, 4/26/2010
"I am not my body" Lisa Sandin CME prompt
CME Grading Rubric
Week 15 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/3/2010.
"Program Pays Students for Good Grades, Parents to Get Involved" Deborah Feyerlick
Week 16 Assignments Beginning Monday, 5/10/2010. Thursday is the last day of this class because we'll be scoring the CME next Tuesday afternoon. The CME exam is on Friday, May 14, from 2:30 to 4:30.
"Second Chances" Raphael Bernard Johnson
Week 17 Assignments & Finals Begin Beginning Monday, 5/17/2010; Finals begin on Wednesday, 5/19; Your final is from 1:30 to 3:30 on Thursday, 5/20.
Week 18 Finals & Semester Ends Beginning Monday, 5/24/2010; Finals end on Wednesday, 5/26