English 370, Section 8180, MTWTh 10:30-12:45, Rm 1413

To receive credit for this course you must successfully complete your Writing Lab assignment, receive a passing grade in this class, and score an 8 (4+4) or higher on the Composition Mastery Exam (CME), which you'll take on Wednesday, July 26. I will meet with each of you during your last class on Thursday, July 27, to give you your final grade.

General Info Syllabus
Verb Tenses A brief summary of verb tenses
Conjunctions Conjunctions and punctuation
Sequence of Tenses From Purdue's Writing Lab, OWL
Pictures Photos of the students
Group Assignments Who's in which group

Week 1 Assignments Beginning Monday, June 19, 2006
Week 2 Assignments Beginning Monday, June 26, 2006
Run-on quiz # 1 Run-ons and Comma Splices
Quiz #1 Quiz on narration & Sentence Combining Units 1 & 2
Week 3 Assignments Beginning Monday, July 3, 2006
Run-on quiz #2 Run-ons and Comma Splices
Simple Response An outline to get you started
Week 4 Assignments Beginning Monday, July 10, 2006
CME Scoring Guidelines Since the scores from two faculty readers are combined, a score of 4+4=8 is required to go on to English 1
CME Joan Ryan SF Chron Article
Week 5 Assignments Beginning Monday, July 17, 2006
The CME Process A step-by-step guide
Week 6 Assignments Beginning Monday, July 24, 2006
Practice CME "Living Without TV"
CME Response Pass with two readers
CME Response Pass with three readers